Mom's & Dad's

Porter the Maltese

Porter is very solid and has produced the best companions for the families that have added one of his kids to their homes.

Porter will be “visiting” the following female poodles in 2015 and producing our wonderful Malt-Poo’s.


Dottie West

This is Dottie West. In 2014 Porter and Dottie had a beautiful family of 2 girls and 2 boys. Each one has a wonderful family of their own now.

Dottie and Porter repeated their past love affair with the “kids” that arrived in May 2015. These Maltipoos grow to about 8 pounds as an adult.

Emmy Lou

This is our lovely Miss Emmy Lou – she is our Charcoal colored Toy Poodle.

Emmy sleeps in bed with her people every night and is the sweetest, most loving and devoted of all the “kids” (we don’t share this info with the others).




Lori looks white but has areas of cream. Her mom was white and her dad is apricot.

Lori and Elaine look forward to your visits as the new litters grow up.